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Hey everyone! This is my mainly-fandom LJ for Teen Wolf, MCU, Once Upon a Time, Orphan Black and a few others. I was off LJ for a bit but I'm returning because I love a few of the femslash communities we have here. All of my fics can be found on my AO3 page here, and it includes way more of my fics that are not affiliated with any LJ events. All of my fics posted on LJ will be posted to Ao3. My Fic Rec List is simply an LJ-friendly version of my Ao3 bookmarks page, which can be found here.

Any and all questions can be directed to my LJ inbox, or at my Tumblr. I'm currently in the process of transferring my fic recs from LJ to Tumblr, so I hope you'll forgive my messy LJ page in the next few weeks.

Fluff Bingo Second Quarter 2019

Bingo Card #20
Summer Romance Nerves Sparks Candlelight Perfect Day
Heart Can’t Fight the Feeling Sunset Moonlight Longing
First Date First Kiss ♥ FREE SPACE ♥ Meal Love Bites
Woo Blissful Absence Beautiful Gentle
Insatiable Playing Hooky All Night Long Candy Fun

Dear Author: FemslashEx 2017

Hello, lovely femslash writer! It's that time of year again! I'm so excited to be a part of this exchange once more. Included in this letter is a general outline of stuff I enjoy and stuff I'd rather not get as well as fandom and pairing-specific ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

General DNW's

  • First person POV

  • Fics with little or no dialogue

  • Sensory deprivation (blindfolds, handcuffs, gags, etc.)

  • Detailed vomiting (weird to say, I know, but just in case!)

  • Prostitution, prison, or slavery themes/backstories

  • Whips or canes used in bondage/impact play (all other toys are a-okay!)

  • Soul mate/bonding or bodyswap AUs

  • Squirting

  • G!P/futa (that being said, if you think any of these ladies are trans, that is totally fine! I just hate the lazy G!P trope itself)

Requested Fandoms

  • Riverdale (TV 2017)

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (movies)

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (TV)

  • GLOW (TV 2017)

Here are some fandom and ship-specific ideas. I hope they inspire you!

Riverdale (TV 2017)

Requested ships:

  • Cheryl Blossom/Josie McCoy

  • Veronica Lodge/Josie McCoy

  • Mary Andrews/Hermione Lodge

  • Alice Cooper/Hermione Lodge

  • Hermione Lodge/Sierra McCoy

Cheryl Blossom/Josie McCoy

I remember in an interview with either Ashleigh or Madelaine that they said Cheryl and Josie's friendship was almost "political," like they needed each other's influence/popularity to rule the school. I'd love to see that calculated friendship blossom (pun intended) into something with real feelings, even if both girls try to resist it.

  • Parental reactions (Penelope is delighted--such a good girl from a respected family!--but Sierra is skeptical of Blossom motives)

  • Two queen bees ruling the school side by side

  • Those moments when frenemies become friends, friends become crushes, and crushes become girlfriends--and all the angst that goes along with it

Veronica Lodge/Josie McCoy

I'm so in love with the Josie/Veronica/Reggie dance club scene and the heart-to-heart that follows. I don't mind a poly ship with the three of them, but I'd still want the focus to remain on the ladies. Josie and Veronica seem to be the same type of girl at heart--they have big dreams and long term goals, but they still want to be happy in the now.

  • An AU of the dance club episode where Veronica brings Josie home with her afterwards (maybe it starts as something to make Hermione mad but turns into a fun hook-up)

  • Josie and Veronica start singing together more, which causes a little drama with the other Pussycats before they realize what Josie has with Ronnie is totally different

  • No-strings-attached FWB relationship--they're total buddies, but their romance is strictly casual. Writer's choice if it remains that way or they catch feelings.

Mary Andrews/Hermione Lodge

I'm such a sucker for teenage flashbacks with the parents. I get the vibe that Hermione and Mary were more rivals than besties in high school, so I'd love to see how that trope could be made more original.

  • Academic rivals turned girlfriends (Knowledge Bowl partners?)

  • They actually did go to a school dance as dates one year, which is why Alice was so surprised to see them with Fred. Maybe everyone thought they'd be endgame and not Mary/Fred? Did they raise some eyebrows in the early 90s?

  • Deconstructing the "good girl" trope and letting them be young and free and experimental together

Alice Cooper/Hermione Lodge

These two would have such an interesting dynamic in high school. With what small bits we get from canon, we can tell they both had huge personalities as teens, and seeing those clash would be amazing.

  • More playing with tropes--Alice was the "bad girl" from the South Side and Hermione was the "good girl" from a rich family, but how true were those stereotypes?

  • Writing that goes back and forth between "first times"--the high school first time and the getting-back-together first time

  • Seeing themselves in their respective daughters and wanting to set a better example for them

Hermione Lodge/Sierra McCoy

Sierra McCoy is another character I wish we saw more of! She's a woman who wants to remain on top of the food chain--and Hermione is a woman who is seeing herself slowly slipping. I love the idea of two scheming, power-hungry women using each other as a means to an end.

  • They lock themselves in Sierra's office for a serious discussion and things escalate (I'll let you decide in which direction!)

  • An examination of how they see one another--parenting styles, fashion choices, body language, etc. I see them trying to get a feel for one another before they make a move.

  • AU where they're Riverdale's power couple--married mothers with two beautiful, successful teen daughters. OR, if you'd like, they estranged spouses and Hermione has just returned to town with Veronica to try to reconcile.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (movies)

Requested ships:

  • Queenie Goldstein/Seraphina Picquery

Queenie Goldstein/Seraphina Picquery

I'm in love the idea of bubbly, warm Queenie bringing out the softer side of powerful, stoic Madam Picquery. They are two very unique female characters who could really compliment each other. They're also so aesthetically lovely next to each other with Queenie's pink dresses and Seraphina's somber robes, so I've requested fan art for this ship as well.

  • Starting a family together with two working mothers in the 1920s--does the Wizarding world see their arrangement differently, or would they meet the same obstacles as No-Majs would?

  • Queenie finding out how Seraphina feels about her through legilemency but not knowing how to go from there

  • Queenie knowing something is wrong as it happens to Seraphina with subsequent angst/HC (like how she knew Tina was in trouble in the movie)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Requested ships:

  • Mantis/Natasha Romanov

  • Nebula/Aleta Oogard

  • Gamora/Jane Foster

Mantis/Natasha Romanov

Imagine exactly what Mantis would feel after touching Natasha for the first time. There's a lot of room for angst in this ship, but Mantis could also be a therapeutic character for Natasha and allow her to feel all those bottled-up feelings.

  • Natasha, who is trained at controlling her emotions and movements, teases Mantis by getting her turned on with only a touch

  • Natasha helps Mantis assimilate to Terran--and Mantis takes to Earth traditions right away

  • Playing with the Battle Couple trope--how could their skills play off each other?

Nebula/Aleta Oogard

There's a lot of room for plotty goodness and post-GotG vol. 2 headcanons. They are both women who are trained for war in different ways. How could their paths cross again?

  • Nebula thinks Aleta is just seducing her to be a part of her Ravager crew, but Aleta's motives are a little more complicated

  • Aleta gives Nebula exotic gifts from her travels--gifts that don't have anything to do with modding Nebula's body

  • Introducing each other to their respective teams to varying reactions

Gamora/Jane Foster

Jane wants to know everything about the world around her, but Gamora lives each day just trying to survive. I could see tension arising between them--knowledge vs. action, seeing vs. doing.

  • Gamora thinks Jane sees her as nothing more than a science experiment, but in reality, Jane just wants to get to know Gamora as Gamora. She's had enough of "aliens" to last her a lifetime.

  • AU with Jane as a grounded scientist on a foreign planet and Gamora as the Guardian sent to keep her safe with the rest of the team

  • Jane has somehow landed herself through a portal of some sort and appears on the Milano--much to Gamora's interest

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (TV)

Requested ships:

  • Rebecca Bunch/Heather Davis/Valencia Perez

Rebecca Bunch/Heather Davis/Valencia Perez

These are three women who are such total human disasters that they would need each other to survive. This can be humorous--Heather just wanting her girlfriends to chill already--or rather serious--the girls not knowing how to deal with Rebecca's mental illnesses right away. They make great friends in the show, but adding a romantic element would be even better.

  • Revisiting Rebecca's disastrous meeting with the polyamorous lovers and trying to make if work for her in her own way. How does she approach it at first with the girls? How does she put her foot in her mouth?

  • Since this is such a self-aware show, play with the tropes. Does Valencia see herself as the Hot One of the group? Does Heather snark against the Confused Bisexual trope?

  • If you're feeling really ambitious, how would their relationship play out in the muscial of Rebecca's mind?

GLOW (TV 2017)

Requested ships:

  • Ruth Wilder/Debbie Eagan

  • Carmen Wade | Machu Picchu/Rhonda Richardson | Britannica

Ruth Wilder/Debbie Eagan

Oh, the angst to be had between these two! At the end of the series, Debbie says they're not there yet, but I think it will definitely happen in season two. There's too much history between them.

  • Trying a new wrestling move leads to awkward body positions and even more awkward this-shouldn't-turn-me-on friction

  • Liberty Belle and Zoya the Destroya apparently have "sexual tension" according to fans, which everyone can see but Debbie and Ruth themselves

  • Total and complete hate!sex that slowly drifts into something gentler and not-so-hateful

Carmen Wade | Machu Picchu/Rhonda Richardson | Britannica

These two are both so irresistably adorable. They show innocence and naivete in different ways. I love how their relationship has grown and wish we could've seen more of them together.

  • Rhonda offers to be Carmen's first time. The sex is excellent, and Carmen is confident and happy to continue her sexual education with other people, but for once, Rhonda can't seperate feelings from sex and pines for Carmen. Happy endings all around after angst ensues!

  • Rhonda sticks up for Carmen in front of Carmen's dad and brothers when they start treating Carmen like a kid

  • Totally adorable PDA--Rhonda has no problem kissing/hugging/snuggling her GF in public, especially when it makes Carmen blush

If you like the ships but aren't feeling the prompts, no worries! Here are some of my favorite femslash-oriented tropes, AUs, etc. that always make me smile.


  • Historical, college, musician/punk, werewolf, and tattoo shop AU's

  • Slow courtship/dating

  • Domesticity

  • Epistolary (texts/social media included)

  • Sharing clothing

  • Meeting the parents/family/friends

  • Playful/mild jealousy/possessive behavior

  • Humor/girls being playful/silly/funny with each other

  • Female friendships on the side, especially between characters we wouldn't expect to be friends

  • Proposals and weddings

  • Pregnancy and new motherhood

  • Bubble baths, spa days, and pampering


  • Dom/sub

  • Sugar mommy arrangements

  • Dirty talk/consensual verbal humiliation

  • Spanking

  • Pet names during sex (sweetheart, baby, etc.)

  • Edging

  • Sex while menstruating

  • Consensual "voyeurism" (Skye sex, stripteases, watching the other masturbate, etc.)

  • PDA with marks of possession (hickeys, etc.)

  • Holding wrists down during sex

  • Vaginal fisting

  • Anal play (rimming, beads, plugs, etc.)

  • Not wearing underwear


Dear Author: Rare Ships!!! on Ice 2017

Hello, fellow writer! Thank you for taking the time to check out my letter, and thank you for writing for me. While I am a longtime lurker in the YoI community, I have never dipped into writing for it, so this is exciting all around.

General DNW's

  • First person POV

  • Fics with little or no dialogue

  • Sensory deprivation (blindfolds, handcuffs, gags, etc.)

  • Detailed vomiting (weird to say, I know, but just in case!)

  • Prostitution, prison, or slavery themes/backstories

  • Whips or canes used in bondage/impact play (all other toys are a-okay!)

  • Soul mate/bonding or bodyswap AUs

I hope that doesn't sound like too much! Many of these probably wouldn't even come up, and none of them are SUPER hard limits...I just wouldn't prefer any of them as a central theme. I also have no aversion to underage!Yuri, but if you want to age him up, that's completely your choice. Anything is fine with me!

Requested ships:

  • Jean-Jacques Leroy/Yuri Plisetsky/Isabella Yang

  • Katsuki Mari/Okukawa Minako

  • Lilia Baranovskaya/Okukawa Minako

  • Mila Babicheva/Katsuki Mari

  • Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino/Isabella Yang

  • Otabek Altin/Jean-Jacques Leroy/Yuri Plisetsky

As you can see, I'm all over the board with types of ships. I love femslash, poly ships, and age differences. I love characters who challenge and antagonize each other. I love ships with characters in different circumstances on different tracks in life. Anything from G-rated fluff to E-rated porn is just fine.

Since you are probably matched on a specific ship, I'll save you the reading and outline some specific prompts/ideas for each ship!

Jean-Jacques Leroy/Yuri Plisetsky/Isabella Yang

Ever since I saw some fan art on Tumblr for these three, I can't get them out of my head. Isabella is seen as a haughty character with a hidden heart of gold, so I bet she out of anyone could get Yuri to loosen up a little bit. And Jean-Jacques is just happy to be here!

  • Isabella getting Yuri all dolled up to impress JJ

  • Isabella and Yuri making out/flirting/snuggling to get JJ all jealous/riled up

  • The epic arguments/lovers' quarrels they all have (and the eventual making up)

Katsuki Mari/Okukawa Minako

They are such polar opposite personality types! Mari is laidback, crynical, and "alt" while Minako is outgoing and very disciplined. They probably see each other nearly every day, but we don't get much canon interaction between them. Their snarky banter and intimacy would be amazing.

  • Pre-canon with Mari taking ballet lessons just to impress Minako

  • They have a friends with benefits relationship that goes on through the entire show. No one ever notices.

  • Minako helps Mari quit smoking. Angst ensues.

Lilia Baranovskaya/Okukawa Minako

It took me a long time to warm up to Lilia, but she's just the kind of female character I usually end up adoring--she's made of stern stuff, but she's incredibly dedicated and caring. I'd love to see her and another disciplined, talented ballet instructor like Minako making a life together.

  • Minako holding her own with Yakov and earning his respect

  • Ballet as foreplay

  • Lilia may be skilled at doing her pupils' hair, but she only lets Minako touch her hair

Mila Babicheva/Katsuki Mari

We pretty much only see Mari interact with Hatsetsu folks (+ Yuri), so I'd love to see her get to know someone outside her hometown. And Mila's been pretty insulated with training as well, so she deserves a sweetie who exists outside the skating/ballet sphere.

  • Long distance relationship AU

  • AU with Mila visiting the onsen as Yuri's chaperone; she ends up being smitten with Mari

  • Mari freaking out about Mila enduring a small fall/injury on the ice

Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino/Isabella Yang

I feel like the skaters tend to stick together, even when they don't all necessarily "like" each other, so I'd love to see Mila and Sara as the dynamic duo who give Isabella the ice queen treatment (pun intended) before realizing how much they really like her.

  • Mila and Sara "share" Isabella as a girlfriend. They've stopped trying to explain it to people.

  • Isabella planning non-skating dates for the three of them (I could see them all at the beach!)

  • Isabella cheering for them both with elaborate signs and tons of flowers

Otabek Altin/Jean-Jacques Leroy/Yuri Plisetsky

I love the dynamic possibilities among three such strong personalities. Otabek's quiet strength, JJ's star power, and Yuri's hot-head tendencies would make for an explosive relationship on all fronts.

  • Trope aversion where they are actually very domestic and vanilla

  • JJ prides himself on being both Otabek and Yuri's "first"

  • Going clubbing/dancing together

None of these ideas/prompts doing it for you? No problem! Here are some general tropes/AU's/kinks I always enjoy no matter what.


  • Historical, college, musician/punk, werewolf, and tattoo shop AU's

  • Arranged marriage

  • Slow courtship/dating

  • Domesticity

  • Epistolary (texts/social media included)

  • Sharing clothing

  • Meeting the parents/family/friends


  • Dom/sub

  • Sugar daddy/mommy arrangements

  • Dirty talk/consensual verbal humiliation

  • Spanking

  • Pet names during sex (sweetheart, baby, etc.)

  • Edging

  • Sex while menstruating

  • OT3 voyeurism with two characters having sex and the third watching/masturbating


femslash100 Fanfic Tropes Drabble Cycle

For this Drabble Cycle, I've chosen Riverdale. I'm excited to get these ladies involved in some tropey fun!

1. Mutual pining 2. Sharing a bed 3. Enemies to lovers 4. Friends to lovers 5. Fake dating
6. Amnesia 7. Kidfic 8. Meeting the family/parents 9. Reunions 10. Road trip
11. Role reversal 12. Soul bonding/soul mates 13. Time travel 14. First times 15. Truth or Dare
16. Darkfic 17. Alternate Universe 18. Sex Pollen 19. Miscommunication 20. Proposal
21. Domestic (curtainfic) 22. Futurefic 23. Bodyswap 24. Crossover 25. Hurt/comfort
26. Wingfic 27. Marriage of convenience 28. Cross-dressing 29. Fantasies/dreams 30. Huddling for warmth

1. Mutual Pining: Betty/Valerie, G, 250 words
5. Faking Dating: Cheryl/Josie, T, 250 words
12. Soul bonding/soul mates: Josie/Melody/Valerie, G, 250 words
15. Truth or Dare: Betty/Veronica, R, 123 words

Smut Swap 2017 Author Letter

Hello there, fellow smut writer! I'm so excited to be sharing this letter with you! I'm hoping this will be a helpful guide for whatever delicious dirtiness you are willing to cook up for me.

I usually begin these letters with some brief AUs/tropes/DNWs I normally go for, but since this is such a specific challenge, I'll keep it brief.

General DNWs
-First person POV
-Gags, blindfolds, and any other sensory deprivation
-Forced feminization (consensual can be sexy, though)
-Soul mate, bodyswap, prison, or prostitution AUs
-Explicit vomiting/gagging--offscreen sickness/drunken mishaps totally fine, just nothing detailed

Here are some specific ideas for each fandom/pairing. If I don't say I don't want something, go for it--seriously! My kinkiness knows no bounds. Creative filth is my lifeblood.

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FemslashEx Dear Author Letter

Hey there! I'm so excited for this year's exchange. Last year, I had to drop out due to personal issues, so I'm really ready for this year's writing and reading.

Here are a few general things about my fic interests. I read anything from G-rated fluff to the smuttiest of smut. I love AU's so much, especially historical--50's, noir, hippies, Victorian, regency. Any and all historical AU's are amazing. I also like college, musician/punk, werewolf, and tattoo shop AU's. Arranged marriage as a trope is a guilty pleasure, and slow courtships/chaste romances always make me smile. If you're feeling kinky, I love dom/sub, age differences within age of consent, sugar mommy agreements, mating/bonding rituals, consensual humiliation, dirty talk, sharing clothing, spanking, edging, and menstrual sex. All of these kinks go for all pairings, and with this exchange, feel free to utilize any of them if any of my specific ideas don't click with you.
My only trigger is vomit, but I have a few squicks--non-con/dub-con, slavery themes, whips/canes (painplay/discipline not involving those is totally fine), gags, blindfolds, forced feminization, and sensory deprivation. As for AU's, I'm not a fan of soul mates, bodyswap, prison, or prostitution.  I'm also not fans of relationships where one person is obviously into the other person way more--mutual affection is important to me. First-person POV isn't my favorite, either.

Without further ado, here are my fandoms and pairings as well as my wishlist for each one!

Star Trek: Classic Timeline

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Teen Wolf

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Crossover Ships

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Marvel Cinematic Universe

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